My thoughts on SEO

1. SEO will not make you the best. But it will show that you know your job.

2. When you don't know what's wrong with your website, most likely google found out something about it.

3. To make a little money in Adsense - you have to work hard on the site. To make a lot of money in Adsense - you have to work with your brain.

4. If you find the information on your site useful, you're on the right way.

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Low-frequency queries

Who's in charge of SEO

What kind of computer does an SEO specialist need?

In fact, a very fast laptop is not much different from the slow and old. For the search engine it is unimportant, but the speed is important in the first place, the SEO specialist. Most importantly - it is a convenience for the man himself. You probably do not like it when the response from your laptop will be extremely long.  You will wait longer to open the program than to work with it. And plus it all depends on the software (software) you have to work with.

In the classic sense, the SEO specialist will do the following things:

  • collect search phrases, analyze them, collect semantic kernels;
  • Analyze the site for duplicates, errors, correct them (or to prepare a terms of reference for developers);
  • analyze competitors' sites, looking for their strengths and weaknesses;
  • prepare content or terms of reference for copywriters;
  • work with external links (find donor sites, place links, etc.);
  • analyze site traffic (through search engine services in your browser).

If an SEO specialist combines several areas, then his duties may be added:

  • setting up contextual and targeting advertising;
  • Preparation of photo materials to articles, news, social networks, etc.;
  • cutting video clips for advertising, social networks;
  • content preparation for YouTube channel (here's an interesting article about it).

And this is not a complete list of possible tasks for a SEO specialist. A kind of "multi-armed" specialist. It is worth noting that the technical characteristics of the laptop will correspond to the recommendations for college students in choosing a laptop, according to


The benefits of online conferences for SEOs

Share experiences, listen to advice, learn about other people's mistakes so they don't repeat them... A lot of interesting information is accumulated in a productive seo-conference. The possibilities of mass online communication have made such meetings more frequent, and the questions touched upon at them more topical. 

I myself am subscribed to several specialists, such as Neil Patel, Karpenko and others. Sometimes the conferences they organize last for long hours, which is exhausting. But you have to admit that each time there is an opportunity to learn something really useful for yourself. 

So do not be lazy to sit for a few hours in a headset (I bought mine on the recommendation byReyus), but then you will have something to try, what to improve and probably avoid some problems.


Does text size matter to Bing?

No, it does not make a decisive difference. On Google, we focus on the top of the output: if your competitors have big text, you have to prepare similar text for your project. It's not like that in Bing. In most niches for most queries (even the most competitive) you can find situations where the first line is taken by texts in 500 words, and then there are materials of larger size. 


Why it's easier for young websites to succeed in Bing

In the tor-10 world, Bing now has a fairly substantial share of young domains. Google often has domains that are 10+ years old. And it takes a long time for newcomers here to get at least ninth place. In Bing it is normal for a young site to be in the top 10 even for the most competitive query. Therefore, if you are promoting for the U.S. and understand that in Google it will take years, in Bing you can get results sooner and easier.


Google PageSpeed Insights after the update: interesting nuances

The excess of add-ons, counters and plugins - this is the worst enemy for the speed of a website. Especially when it comes to the online store - there are always attached at least a couple of counters, online consultant, a recommendation service, tied social networks and a dozen or three more items further down the list. Find out if you really need all of the above. If you really need it, but the site is slow - look for alternatives. Maybe, for example, you should switch to another online consultant.