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Low-frequency queries

The queries that users enter into the search engine line - this is the main tool to promote sites. These phrases form the semantic core, and pages are optimized for them. Promotion by low-frequency queries is a reliable way to quickly bring the site into the top 10 of the search engine page and attract target traffic.

What is query frequency

Frequency is the number of times a user with a specific phrase hits a search engine per month. Depending on the popularity, queries come in three categories:

There are no exact numbers indicating who belongs to which category - the frequency is too dependent on the niche, the season, the situation in the country and the world. In some areas, 10,000 hits - is the HF, in others - a solid middle ground, and for super-popular topics - low-frequency.

What is a low-frequency query

Low-frequency queries are phrases with which users rarely access a search engine. In some niches it is less than 100 impressions per month, in some - less than 1000. Everything is relative here.

Low-frequency phrases consist of a few words, where the main phrase added clarifying elements: address, reviews, brand, model, color, and so on. The user has researched the question and specifies the wording as much as possible to find what he needs.

Compare examples of two HF and LF queries to promote the site: "cast iron bathtub" and "cast iron bathtub rock continental 170 by 70. The first is a high-frequency phrase frequency of 7,635 impressions per month. The second one is extremely narrowing the search area. Only 6 people entered it into the search bar in a month, each knew exactly what they wanted and clearly articulated their need. Most likely, these people bought the bathtub they wanted from a site in the top five of the search engine results.

Advantages of low-frequency websites

At first glance it seems that low-frequency queries for promotion are not suitable - too few of them bring visitors to the site. But, as the saying goes, the little fish is better than the big cockroach, and a lot of different low-frequency key better than one HF key with huge competition. Why is it better to promote the site on the low frequency?

Lower competition than for HF

The competition of queries is determined by the number of vacancies on it at the top of search results. Usually among HF there is a real carnage. All the major players are trying to displace each other from the top of Olympus for the most popular niche phrases like "cast iron bathtub" or "buy a smartphone.

Among the low-level competition is mostly low, search engines lack high-quality sites, to ensure the most specific phrases to provide relevant exposure. If you optimize the pages of the resource for low-frequency queries, search engines will quickly raise it to the top, filling the vacancies with the most relevant information.

Targeted traffic with a better conversion rate

Promotion of the site by low-frequency queries - this is the most reliable way to attract the target audience with serious intentions. The user who enters the exact wording, has already gone through all the agony of choice, made a decision and is ready to make the final step. Conversion from such visitors incomparably higher than from those who are still just collecting information, or even got to your site by accident.

Less effort and cost for promotion.

The promotion of sites for HF and MF queries requires large budgets and efforts of the SEO team, and the gradual optimization of the lower frequency keys gives the result without cost and risk. There is no need to build up a link mass, as a rule, it is enough to optimize pages for low-frequency keywords and human useful texts to get the site into the top.

Promotion speed

Pages optimized for low-frequency keys, faster come out in the top 10. Typically, the first results are noticeable in 2-3 weeks after the optimization work. More time is the preparation of a semantic core and the creation of content under it.

The quantity transforms into quality.

Working with low-frequency key is labor-intensive, because their number is enormous. And if each low-frequency individually brings a bit of traffic, then the total is a tangible stream of targeted visitors. In addition, for each low-frequency query is written by a separate material, the site is constantly updated, and this positively affects the promotion, as search engines are more loyal to the living, actively developing resources.

Guarantee of results

Promoting on high-frequency, you can drain the huge budget, but do not get any results. Even the promotion guru can not guarantee a hit in the top. With low-frequency the situation is the opposite. As long as there is demand for a particular product or service, the site will come on low-frequency keywords.

Available for dummies.

A big plus promotion of low-frequency queries is that, having mastered the basics, you can do it on their own, without recourse to the professional SEO.

Who is suitable promotion of the site on low frequencies

The main candidates for optimization in the low-frequency:

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